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Sorry for all this legal stuff, but it protects you and us from any problems…..

We want you to enjoy our website and photos….but please don’t steal from us, all images on this website belong to and are copyright © of Mark Witter & Mark Witter Photography.

It’s against the law and it’s not ok to copy, download, take a screen shot (all these things are stealing) distribute, reproduce, use, alter or edit our images without our permission for any reason whatsoever.

All images are registered with the UK Copyright service and we use sophisticated tools and software to search, track and locate where our images are being used without our consent. Copyright is an international right and those rights are legally enforceable in most countries around the world due to international conventions.  We will vigorously protect our copyright interests….. but if you just ask if you can use our images, we often say yes!

Don’t forget we are professionals and we make our living from our photography.  We have business overheads and we have invested in photography equipment, software & computers, training, studios, models, world wide travel and countless hours of our time, let alone years of experience (and this website) to bring you these images, and we’d like to be able to feed our children! So once again, please don’t steal from us.

Many of our images are available to buy as prints or digital downloads for commercial, business, editorial, academic, not for profit or personal use from our galleries.

There’s the short version and the long version of all this legal stuff… please read one or both.

Short Version
To cut a long story short, all images on this website are the property and copyright © of  Mark Witter and Mark Witter Photography. So it’s against the law to copy, download, store, take a screen shot or use, alter or edit the photos on this site for personal, business, commercial, charity, not for profit, academic, school or editorial purposes; or for use in any other way or in any medium without the permission of Mark Witter Photography, or by purchasing images through our online galleries.

Legal Disclaimer – There is a full legal disclaimer available from the “Legal Disclaimer ” link situated in the footer of this website/ webpage.

Long Version
Mark Witter Photography – Copyright Information

All digital files, including but not limited to images, video, text, logos and design on this website are copyright ©2000-2016 Mark Witter Photography and are the property of Mark Andrew Witter and Mark Witter Photography. All digital files, video, text, logos and designs are protected by UK law under the Copyright, Designs and Patents act 1998 and international copyright laws and treaties. All rights reserved. No images on this site are in the public domain.

It is against the law and strictly prohibited to download, copy, store or use any of the images or other materials on this website in any way, either in whole or part for any purpose without written permission from Mark Witter Photography or by purchasing a digital image or print through our online galleries. This includes but is not limited to:- downloading, copying, taking screen shots, reproduction, publication in print or digitally on the internet, transmission, broadcast, manipulation, projection, downloading and storing on digital devices and computers.

Image Purchases for Commercial or Private Use:
Images are available for purchase as digital downloads or prints for commercial, business, editorial, educational or private use under a variety of differing licence agreements through our online galleries. Fees and licence type depend on intended use, printed size and distribution. To view available images for purchase please click “Galleries” on our home page or from this document click

If you are having trouble purchasing a digital image for download or for printing, wish to link to an image or for more information regarding commercial, corporate, educational, editorial or personal use, please contact us.

In the case of commercial or private assignments or commissions, under the law, it is the photographer (Mark Witter Photography) and not the client who owns the copyright; unless there is a specific agreement that assigns the copyright to another party. Licences or commercial contracts with specific use limitations are granted for the use of commissioned copyright material. Copyright begins when the photograph is taken or created and fixed in a tangible form. i.e on a digital memory card. All fees and payments are made to the photographer for his/ her time, skill, post production work, use of equipment, studios, models, development of concepts, and for the production of prints and products, and not for the rights to the intellectual property or copyright of the images. Copyright of images and material from all commissions and assignment will therefore remain with Mark Witter Photography. Any reproduction, distribution or use outside the terms of the agreed licence without permission would be an infringement of copyright.

Where the copyrighted material of others is shown on this website, such as brand names, devices, written articles or guest images, the right to use their copyright material has been granted and is acknowledged. All images are registered with the UK Copyright Service which means ownership of an image is registered, provable and independently verifiable. We use Tin Eye, a reverse search engine to track the online use of our images. Tin Eye finds out where an image came from, how it’s being used and if a modified version or higher resolution version of the images exists.

Use of Images on Social Media or links to Social Media.
Limited permission may be granted to share and post certain images on social media sites. In every case, permission to share will be given in writing on/ next to the particular page, blog post or image in question. If you do not see the written permission, you must not share the image or copyright material. These shareable images will normally appear on our blog, but may appear elsewhere on the site, and be of low or very low resolution and may carry a watermark. When sharing these images it is conditional that you must properly attribute the image and copyright to Mark Witter Photography.

It is understood that most social media sites will have non-exclusive, royalty free worldwide rights to all content published on their sites. In effect, if an image is posted on a social media site it is being published and the social media site is being given the non-exclusive rights to use that image however they wish. Therefore it is illegal and strictly prohibited to post images from this site on social media sites without the express permission in writing from Mark Witter Photography to do so.

Social media sites do not normally have exclusive rights to copyright material and the copyright and ownership of our images posted on social media sites always resides with Mark Witter Photography.

Please take careful note; it is illegal and strictly prohibited to post images from this site on social media sites without the express permission in writing from Mark Witter Photography.

You are free to share and publish any images that we post on our own social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter or Google + without written permission, but we always ask that you attribute the image to Mark Witter Photography.

Copyright Duration
Please note that the date ranges in our copyright statements do not refer to the dates when our copyright materials will expire and our intellectual property passes into the public domain, they actually refer to the dates they were created or published and therefore became copyright material. Copyright of material normally only expires 50 years after the death of the author.

Agreeing to Mark Witter Photography Copyright Statement
By accessing this website and by viewing the galleries on this website, you agree in full to this copyright statement. Failure to observe this copyright statement will be perused in a court of law, which will seek substantial penalties, statutory damages and legal fees, in addition to being compensated for usage fees for any such infringement.

Do not steal from us; we will vigorously protect our copyright interests.

Legal Disclaimer – There is a full legal disclaimer available from the “Legal Disclaimer ” link at the bottom situated in the footer of this website/ webpage.

For further information regarding acceptable use of any items contained within this website, e-mail


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