Wedding Photography FAQ’s

Wedding Photography FAQ’s.

Beautiful Natural Documentary Wedding Photography

We make you happy…


Hello, I’m Mark a professional documentary Wedding Photographer based in Ipswich and London. Welcome to our Wedding Photography FAQ’s page.


As a Wedding Photographer, I work as a team with my wife Tina and we love weddings! For many years we have photographed royalty, lords, ladies, celebrities and VIP’s at private events and functions in the City of London. We are trusted by many of the City of London’s leading institutions to photograph their most prestigious VIP’s, events and ceremonies. We bring these creative skills and experience to every wedding we photograph.


We offer you a great wedding photography service before and after your big day. On the day we simply come along and photograph your wedding and leave you with loads of lovely photographs afterwards, all individually edited and hosted in an online private gallery. Exquisite albums, folios, prints and mementos are also available.


Wedding Photography FAQ’s.

I hope this Wedding Photography FAQ’s page answers your questions, but if you’ve got a question I haven’t answered just give me a call or send a message via the contact page.

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Do you work on your own or do you have a team?

I usually work as a team with my wife Tina and occasionally my son Austin who is also an accomplished photographer. I am the principal photographer and will normally take all the shots. Tina usually acts as my assistant… which keeps her very busy! I often work on my own quite happily if circumstances require it. If required we can arrange to have a second or third shooter.

What is your photographic style.

We make you happy with our modern, documentary style wedding photography with a twist of fashion and loads of romance, all aimed at capturing beautiful un-staged images of your day as it unfolds….. that just about sums it up!  Some people also call this reportage, journalistic or editorial wedding photography.

We are friendly and relaxed and we work with you to understand what you want to achieve. We communicate well and mix easily with your guests. We also work seamlessly with your wedding venue, reception venue and videographer etc.

We use natural light as well as on camera flash and off camera flash which we blend perfectly with the ambient light to produce creative, timeless images that you’ll love forever. We are experts at shooting in low light and difficult lighting conditions and keep calm and professional under pressure. 

We would like group shots and formal shots as well.

Even though we shoot in a documentary style, it’s fine to have group or formal shots as well. In fact we recommend this as weddings are important milestones when families come together and these photographs will become the historical documents of the future. We don’t generally work to a strict shot list by posing absolutely everyone in turn, as this really slows the day up, but we will work with you to ensure we capture all the group or formal shots that are really important to you… or your relatives.

We aim to provide a balance of approx 80% reportage style photography and 20% formal shots, but this balance may vary from wedding to wedding dependent upon circumstances, or your individual brief.

Can we have private portrait or “break out shots?”

Absolutely…We usually like to do a private “break out” session with just the Bride and Groom between the ceremony and the reception. We will work with you to include this in your schedule for the day.

We’d love a pre-wedding, engagement or couples shoot…is this possible?

Yes.. Yes…. Yes… pre wedding, engagement and couples shoots are available to all couples and are usually taken at a location which can be as personal to you as the wedding.  This is often somewhere picturesque like the beach or forest, an urban landscape or a special place close to your heart.

Apart from capturing stunning lifestyle and portrait shots of the two of you, this is a great way for us to get to know each other better before your wedding day. You can experience a professional photographer taking your photo and get a feel for how we work, giving you confidence and reassurance. Then on your wedding day we are more friends spending the day with you, blending into the background.

Do you edit or retouch our photos?

All your photos will be professionally edited, cropped, colour corrected and sensitively retouched if required (unless you ask us not to). We are experts in the use of Adobe Photoshop CS6 and use Adobe Lightroom 4 in our professional workflow. Only images that pass our final edit will be made available and we will advise on the best images for inclusion in albums, frames, portfolios, galleries, mementos etc.

How many photos do you take? Do we get them all?

We don’t restrict the numbers of photographs we take on the day, but only images that pass our strict editing process will be made available. All photos are delivered in jpeg format. Whilst it is never possible to quantify the exact number of shots that will pass the final edit, a full days shooting will normally result in several hundred high quality images.

How quickly can we see our photos after the wedding?

As a guide, proofing images are normally available to view in your gallery within 3 weeks of your wedding, but often it’s quicker.  This is far faster than the industry standard. Occasionally, if unforeseen circumstances arise this may take a little longer. Specific timelines will differ from wedding to wedding depending on the circumstances.

Additional time will be required for USB production and packaging design, memento production etc. Album proofing, design, production and delivery may take several weeks in addition. 

Where in the country do you operate?

We are based in Ipswich and London, so a good deal of our work comes from London, the Home Counties and East Anglia, but we regularly photograph throughout the UK and at international destinations around the globe….. so don’t let the distance hold you back!

Can we meet before we book you?

Yes of course,  we generally prefer this as it gives us a chance to get get to know each other and to hear your plans, but its not compulsory. We can meet up or talk on Skype or over the phone, but often we get together at a coffee shop or hotel where we can relax over a coffee, talk about your day and answer your questions.

What cameras & equipment do you use?

Professional full frame Canon 5DMkIII Cameras and professional Canon L-Series lenses. We use two professional Canon 5DMklll bodies and a smaller Canon 60D as an emergency back up camera. All of these cameras shoot video if required.  We only use professional Canon L-Series lenses on our professional Canon 5DMkIII bodies and we have a wide selection of zoom and primes lenses for all occasions.

For the best quality we always shoot in RAW format and covert the images to JPG or TIFF format in post production. We also carry plenty of spare memory cards, batteries and battery packs…. no one likes to run out of power or memory! All memory cards do not leave our possession until they are backed up on to multiple hard-drives and uploaded to our online cloud storage and archiving system for additional safety.

Professional Cannon 600EX-RT Speedlite Flash Units. We also carry four Canon 600EX-RT speedlites (Canon’s most powerful top end professional flash guns,)  that we use on camera or remotley off camera.  We control our remote off camera speedlites with radio controlled triggers for special effects or for use with our portable soft boxes. This produces beautiful, softly lit photographs which are carefully balanced to mix flash with ambient light and differing light sources at your venue.

Off camera strobe lights and light diffusers. When shooting large groups indoors (often between 10 – 60 people,)  we normally use a two or four light off camera set up with soft-box light diffusers  or shoot-through umbrellas to produce soft, even lighting across the whole group.

The Anti Photo Booth – Mobile Photo Studio.  To bring an extra dimension of glamour and fun to your reception, we also have a fully equipped mobile photo studio with full lighting rig (6 Elinchrom Strobe Heads) and Hi Key and low key backgrounds, dozens of fun props and an instant on-site printing service. This acts as great entertainment and a stunning focal point to your reception by giving your guests a full photo studio experience and prints in presentation mounts to take home on the day as a lasting memento of your wedding. No boring passport style photo booths here!   Click here for more information on our Mobile PhotoStudio.

Can you work in low light? Our wedding venue does not allow flash.

Yes definitely. We are highly experienced at shooting in low light and difficult lighting conditions where flash is not allowed or where it would be inappropriate. Our investment in the latest professional Canon cameras with advanced low light sensors and fast Canon L-Series lenses coupled with our expertise and knowledge in using them means that we can shoot in most low light environments without using flash. 

Do you come and visit the venue before the wedding?

Yes, if we have not shot at a venue before we prefer to visit both the wedding and reception venue at the earliest opportunity after you have booked us and paid your deposit.  Whenever possible, we also attend your wedding rehearsal (please see below.) This is to ensure that any access, technical, scheduling or logistical issues are identified and resolved at the planning stage of your wedding…no one likes unexpected surprises on the day. It also helps to identify some good spots for the portraits and groups.

If for any reason it’s not possible to vist the venues before your big day, we always arrive early and have a good look around, check out the light and get the feel of the place as well as identifying good locations for photographing portraits and groups.

Do you attend the wedding rehearsal?

Yes, we are committed to producing amazing images for you, to the point where we’ll spend our time attending your ceremony rehearsal to help prepare for your big day. The wedding rehearsal is deceptively important, this is why we will always attend your rehearsal if possible. Weddings require a lot of emotional presence from us as photographers, so the rehearsal is the perfect kickstarter. It helps us get in the “Zone” and allows us to meet all the important people, so that we can be sure to get lots of great photos of them. It also gives them a chance to get to know us before we show up pointing a big camera in their faces!

Attending the wedding rehearsal gives us a chance to scout the ceremony location, check for lighting problems and plan how we’ll shoot. We can chat with the officiant to find out what rules they have for photography and where we can and cannot stand, figure out if we need to use flash (if permitted) and test our camera settings. We can discuss the timings of the important points or stages in the ceremony to be sure we have access and we are ready for them. It’s also important for you and the officiant to be aware of our movements , the light and our needs as photographers. We will discuss how the bridal party should arrange themselves, remind you (the couple) to hold the first kiss for photographs and how fast people should walk, especially in the wedding procession (a really important one for us as photographers!) and how to prevent your guests jumping in front of us and ruining our shots. The more prepared we can be, the more we’ll all enjoy the day and that means better images.

Do you have any testimonials?

Yes there are loads of testimonials and kind words from clients on our testimonials page.  Here are just a couple…

“We’ll never be able to thank you enough for producing some quite outstanding photographs of our wedding. We hardly noticed you were there but the results are superb and capture the whole day quite brilliantly. You’ve given us a lasting record of of a very special day”… Colonel Peter Durrant.

“We were really pleased that we decided to go with Mark and his team for our wedding. They were really professional, friendly and offered excellent value. The photos were brilliant and we have so many to choose from!  Thanks mark, Tina and Austin.” Clare and Ed Harris -Hughes.

Click here to visit the testimonials page.

Can we order an album at a later date?

Yes, you can order our exquisite album, folios, prints and mementos at any time after the wedding. In fact this is what most of our couples do.

Can you offer a discount? Your fee is little more than we wanted to spend.

We are very lucky,  we have more commercial, event, portrait and wedding enquiries than we could ever take on, so we don’t generally discount our prices. Your wedding photographs are a priceless and unrepeatable record of your day and they are the only part of your wedding budget that will last a lifetime. So it’s definitely worth getting the photographer you really want.

What if you are ill, delayed or unable to make it on the day?

So far (fingers crossed) it has never happened, but of course there is always a chance. Luckily we have several excellent photographers in our network and we would do everything possible to find you a replacement who works in a similar style, even at short notice.

We’re having a videographer, is that a problem?

That’s great. We’re really happy working with videographers and film-makers.

This all sounds great… we would like to book – what do we do now?

Click here to head over to the contact page to let us know and we’ll send you the booking form and contract. There is a £250 booking fee payable which secures the date for you. If you would like to meet first to get to know each other, that’s great. When we’ve received the signed contract and booking fee then the day is reserved for you and any further enquiries for the date are turned down. The balance is payable in full one month before the date of the wedding.

We will stay in touch by email periodically between now and the wedding date, and schedule calls in the weeks before the wedding, just to confirm final timings, locations and any other details.

Wedding Photography FAQ’s –  Mark….I’ve got a question you haven’t answered here.

We have tried to cover most of the commonly asked Wedding Photography FAQ’s, but if our Wedding Photography FAQ’s haven’t answered all your questions, just drop us a line via the contact page and we’ll happily do our best to help you!

Wedding Photography FAQ’s –  More information

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Wedding Photography FAQ’s – Thank You

Thank you for visiting our Wedding Photography FAQ’s page. Our Wedding Photography FAQ’s page is frequently updated, please call 07738 558 934 if you have any further questions.

Wedding Photography FAQ’s, Wedding Photography FAQ’s,Wedding Photography FAQ’s.